Five seconds from last hang-up to database

Most serviced-based call accounting systems batch process data, meaning you almost never know how old the data might be. It’s certainly not real-time.

Only real-time data allows instant and accurate access to the very latest data, saving you time and money. How instant? Five seconds from the time a call has ended, that data has been added and available for you to view. Our Call Accounting Management service continuously collects and processes call data, so your reports are up to the second.

Real-time is a must for potential security issues such as a harassing/threatening caller or accidental 911 dialing. Instantly look up the call and find its origination. Need to review trunking for the last 15 minutes- our reports have it. Our real-time data has proven invaluable in outsourced companies, security applications and telemarketing operations.

Instant, accurate, valuable – that’s what Comview real-time data means for you.