Global Telecom Solutions

Comview supports the telecom management needs of global north american companies

Imagine being able to see your entire company’s communications spend from all locations around the world in one easy to use and manage application. With Comview’s global telecom solutions you can. Any location, anywhere on the globe– All rolled up to US currency. And with our Internet delivery platform you can be just about anywhere and still access your data and reports.

Want to compare spend, usage and trends across the globe? Comview has the solution.

Our global telecom services present all data in local currencies for precise local usage management. At the same time, our Roll-up Reports show all usage in both local and US or home currency as desired. We can segment by region all the way down to individual countries and all the way up to single view across the globe. And to assure the highest degree of accuracy, conversion rates are updated daily.

Comview currently has installations in more than 40 countries around the globe, so no matter where your business takes you, Comview’s global telecom solutions can support you.

Comview is Safe Harbor Certified by US Department of Commerce meeting EU member country requirements for data security.

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