Can Comview reduce my expenses with my existing carriers?

Comview will reduce expenses with your existing carriers.

Comview is carrier-agnostic, so we work with any and all of your existing carriers to provide savings through ongoing rate plan optimization, audits, contract compliance checks and proactive usage management.

There’s no need for you to have to switch carriers. In fact Comview only recommends new carriers when specifically requested as part of our professional services.

Are there benefits beyond cost savings?

With Comview’s telecom management services, hard dollar savings are only part of the picture.

Save time – With increased staff cutbacks at many organizations, your time is more critical than ever. With Comview’s services, you save valuable time by having us manage your wireless and call accounting services.

Tools to manage sales and support personnel  And when used to manage customer service, sales and support personnel, Comview’s Call Accounting reports give you instant feedback on who’s taking and who’s not taking calls. For example, our productivity reports show you how many inbound/outbound calls are being handled by each person by hour of day.

Be ready  Comview’s five year historical archive storage comes in handy for legal and personnel issues. Instantly recover any inbound/outbound call made in the last 16 months. Need older data? Just give us 24 hours and we’ll restore data from up to five years ago.

Compliance  When your Company’s auditors come in, you can be assured that you are engaging in corporate best practices for spend control and accountability.

Peace of mind – The Comview data center works 24×7 to insure your data is reliably collected, processed and stored. When you need important call data for any reason, you can rest assured that it will be there.

What platforms and Carriers does Comview support?

Comview supports a wide range of platforms and carriers.

Call Accounting – Comview supports virtually every pbx, ip-pbx and most key systems. Never a problem to change switch vendors or support multiple. We are active developer partners for Cisco, Avaya, and Unify (formerly Siemens).

Wireless – In the U.S. and Canada, we support all wireless carriers. Globally, we support a growing list of more than 145 carriers in 45 countries. We also have a two-way integration with AirWatch Mobile Device Management and one-way with other MDM providers.

Wireline – Comview supports all telecom carriers in the U.S. and Canada.

Comview is committed to global support of our customers. So if you need support for particular carriers, check in with us and we’ll be able to help you.