Customer-Centric Support is a Top Down Priority

Do you ever feel like a vendor is not listening, is generally unavailable or doesn’t value your business? There few things more frustrating than putting your dollars and faith in a provider, then failing to get the time and attention your company expects and deserves. At Comview, we do whatever it takes, and go above and beyond, to serve our customers through the entire relationship.

Customer for Life philosophy

The customer experience is our driving force at Comview. A “customer for life” philosophy is central to our corporate culture, and customer loyalty is ingrained in every Comview employee. We strive for predictable pricing, personalized service and to go above and beyond for our customers. Customer feedback is important to a good experience and we actively pursue it throughout the relationship.

Same dedicated account team from implementation on

Many providers hand you off to a new account team after implementation, just after you get to know each other. We believe in continuity; not in disrupting our customers’ lives with unnecessary changes. You’ll have the same dedicated support team throughout our relationship to:

  • Know your unique business needs and environment
  • Free you from anonymous support queues and clueless reps
  • Become an extension of your team every step of the way
  • Proactively work on your behalf to ensure sustainable ROI
  • Provide unlimited instructor-led training
  • Regularly solicit (and actually listen to) customer feedback

At the end of the day, we know that providing customers what they need, when they need it, is the key to long-term relationships.

The proof is in the outcome

Comview has been rated #1 in customer satisfaction and sustainable ROI in multiple independent end user surveys. Our customers constantly praise how hard our employees work for them and how our software makes their life easier. We often hear that we are the most responsive vendor of any kind that they work with, and that we provide value and find savings that others don’t. We hope to do the same for your organization.