Rate Plan Optimization

Rate Plan Analysis, Optimization, Recommendation & Implementation services for Wireless reduce monthly costs by up to 35%

Comview’s Rate Plan Optimization service matches the usage from all of your devices to existing and new rate plan offerings from the respective carriers. Our analysis looks at voice, data, messaging, optional features along with contract and individual term issues. The rate plan analysis is typically done over a three month period taking into account seasonality, as well as and other usage trends specific to your business.

Through years of experience, we know where the savings are hidden. As part of our Rate Plan Optimization service, you are presented with both summary and detail information showing our recommendations and your projected savings. Upon your approval of our recommendations we then proceed directly with the carrier to implement the approved changes. For most clients, rate plan optimizations are performed monthly or quarterly.

Ongoing rate plan optimization reduces your monthly costs by 10 to 35%. It also eliminates the manual workload of needing staff time to perform a rate plan analysis and pour through statements looking for similar types of savings. With Comview you’re assured guaranteed savings without the headache of doing it yourself.

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