MDM/EMM Integration

Unify your Wireless Expense Management and Mobile Device Management

The proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace – both corporate-liable and employee-owned BYOD (bring your own device) – has created many challenges for organizations when it comes to managing telecom security and expenses. Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) providers like AirWatch have developed powerful tools to manage the security of mobile devices and users, but these applications have existed separately from telecom and wireless expense management solutions…until now!

Manage all mobile security, users, assets and expenses from a single integrated portal

Now it is possible to seamlessly manage AirWatch users and devices from the same comprehensive, Comview wireless expense management portal used to manage fixed and mobile telecom expenses and assets.  Beyond the unified management and enhanced reporting that the integration brings to enterprises, the combination creates even greater opportunities to enhance security, and save time and money.

Some added-value benefits that have people talking…

  • Identify unregistered devices (Because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link)
    MDM is vital to mobile security, but unregistered devices are like leaving a window open on an otherwise secure building. Comview enables you to discover unregistered devices and bring them into compliance to close those open security windows.
  • Minimize international roaming and costly overages
    Comview uses MDM device location information to identify users that may be outside of service contract boundaries, enabling you to adjust rate plans before you incur costly overages.
  • Automatic synchronization reduces time and errors
    Having to enter data more than once is not only time-consuming, but also increases the likelihood of errors. Comview automatically synchronizes data with AirWatch MDM, so you only need to enter data once for both solutions, which is faster, more accurate and leads to greater utilization.

Comview TEM/WEM + MDM integration in a nutshellComview-Logo-AirWatch-256x256

  • Single Dashboard to Manage ALL Users and Devices
  • Holistic view of users, devices and expenses
  • Puts data and control at finger tips of telecom staff
  • Removes IT bottleneck for moves/adds/changes
  • Easier to keep up-to-date = Increased utilization
  • Automatic Synchronization
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry in multiple places
  • Saves time and reduces errors
  • Powerful Rules-Based Engine Automates Enrollment
  • Comprehensive Reporting Empowers Telecom Managers

Get more out of your AirWatch MDM investment

Contact Comview today learn more or ask for a demo of our Wireless Expense Management solution integrated with AirWatch MDM.