Telecom Expense Management Software and Services

Telecom and related technology is often one the largest line items on the corporate budget, so Telecom Expense Management has become a strategic necessity for organizations looking to reduce costs and improve processes.

TEM (also known as Telecom Expense Management or Technology Expense Management) encompasses the methodologies, processes and tools used to centrally manage fixed and mobile telecom voice, data and assets to reduce expenses and improve related processes throughout the communications lifecycle.

Why Comview integrated telecom management?

Comview simplifies the process of managing fixed and mobile telecom through integrated cloud software and expert managed services that have been consistently rated #1 for customer satisfaction and sustainable ROI. We learn your unique needs and environment to provide the right customized solution that gives you total control to manage costs more effectively.

  • Automate and streamline manual processes
  • Gain visibility and insight into spend and usage
  • Identify and resolve billing errors
  • Maintain accurate inventory
  • Optimize and consolidate
  • Simplify procurement and budgeting
  • Receive unlimited training
  • Get unlimited user licenses

A single telecom management solution is all you need

Comview collects, consolidates and normalizes data from all fixed and mobile telecom invoices and devices, as well as conference services and IT assets, into a single, centralized repository. Cloud-based reporting and management tools provide the complete picture of all your inventory, usage and expenses globally without the need to switch between multiple systems and portals. Our experience professionals do the heavy lifting of managing the system and dealing with carriers to take the burden and worry off your shoulders and ensure sustainable ROI.

Comview telecom management encompasses

Invoice Management – Up to 20% of telecom charges are in error, usually favoring the carrier. Let our Invoice Management service tip the odds back into your favor.

Wireless Management – All your wireless usage from every carrier, across every device, all in a single view, easy to use, cloud-based management reporting system.

Audit & Optimization – Keep your telecom running at peak efficiency and expenses in check with our Audit & Optimization services.

Call Accounting – All your wireline usage from any extension in a comprehensive, easy to use and maintain, cloud-based management reporting system.

Asset Management – Gain greater visibility across all your IT, telecom and mobility assets and know what assets you own at any given moment in time.

Procurement – A single integrated platform for telecom and IT procurement that gives your employees flexibility in choosing what they need, while maintaining consistency and control.