Employee wireless policy and procedure services assure you’re protected against a whole lot of potential problems

All too many companies lack a consistent, effective and well documented set of policies on wireless phone use. With so many new laws all different from state to state are you sure your policies protect you? Do you have a policy for employee-liable, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?

An effective policy places emphasis on corporate compliance, establishes ownership of data, establishes ownership of telephone numbers, and limits corporate liability. An effective policy also works to contain costs by aligning corporate objectives with employee requirements and by identifying approved pricing and plans.

Comview works with your company to update and/or develop for the first time, written wireless policies and procedures. Working with each of your operating groups, we baseline individual and group needs, as well as review invoices and carrier reports to determine plan requirements. We also review features, device and accessory purchases, as well as additional purchases such as ring tones. And if your company, like most, requires employees to acknowledge acceptance of corporate policies and procedures, we assist with the verification of received acknowledgements.

For most companies, an annual review of policies and procedures is all that’s needed. Other companies may require updates consistent with carrier changes. Either way, we can assist with the reviews and policy updates.