Telecom Invoice Management and Processing

Ensuring accurate and timely payment of hundreds or thousands of monthly telecom invoices from multiple carriers in different formats can be a complex, labor-intensive and overwhelming process.

Invoice errors are common

Analysts concur that up to 20% of telecom invoices contain errors that usually favor the carrier. Without the right resources, processes, and expertise to effectively recognize and correct those errors you could be throwing a lot of money away.

Tip the odds in your favor with Integrated Invoice Management

Whether your biggest challenges include invoice errors, lack of invoice detail, late invoice payments, time consumed with tedious manual processes, or a lack of control and visibility when processes are not centralized nor connected to corporate financial systems, Comview can help.

Consolidated invoicing

Our telecom invoice management consolidates carrier invoicing, from all sources and any formats, into a centralized database that interfaces with Accounts Payable (AP) and General Ledger (GL) to help you maintain control, accuracy, and timeliness of payments.

Reduced burden on your staff

Comview simplifies telecom invoice processing and frees up internal resources through software automation and the watchful care of our experienced professionals. We assume the time-consuming tasks of building your inventory, loading invoices and coding them for allocation, managing the approval process and updating key corporate systems. We even offer optional bill payment services to further reduce staff burden. Our commitment to the highest quality standards, along with comprehensive monthly audits and carrier dispute resolution, means invoicing errors are not an issue.

Visibility and charge-back capabilities

A centralized repository of normalized invoices, with extensive reporting capabilities, gives you valuable visibility into spend and usage across the enterprise for informed decisions. It also provides a valuable means for accurate charge-back across your organization.

Telecom bill payment

Make late fees and disconnects a thing of the past and close the loop on invoice management with free telecom bill payment services. Integration with accounting systems and custom approval workflows simplifies processes for your finance team, cuts internal processing time and expense, and ensures invoices are paid accurately, securely and on time.

Integrated solution

Telecom invoice management is just one component of our integrated fixed/mobile telecom expense management solution.

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