Web-Based Call Accounting and Usage Management

Comview’s Call Accounting software and services provide usage management for your entire communications infrastructure allowing you to reduce overall costs, gain greater visibility and assure security.

Intelligent Call Accounting for today’s complicated voice networks

Today’s voice networks are a complex mix of Voice over IP (VoIP) and legacy PBX systems that don’t always work as one. It can be challenging to gather and make sense of global telecom usage information across the enterprise to gain control over expenses.

Comview’s combination of intelligent Call Accounting software and personalized service ensures that enterprises with several hundred to many thousands of phone extensions can do just that. The platform provides the data and tools to manage and report on everything from personal call and directory assistance usage to monitoring average call duration, system efficiency, least cost routing and VoIP bandwidth utilization. Comview even offers legacy and IP PBX Optimization services.

Real-time data for meaningful results

Comview’s call accounting software continuously collects, stores and provides easy access to call data from any number of PBX or VoIP sources, and a dedicated support team ensures that you have what you need when you need it.

The result is real-time visibility into your entire communications infrastructure, anywhere in the world. That saves you both money and time, increases employee productivity, provides valuable security information and allows for informed management decisions.

Benefits of Comview Call Accounting

  • Reduce personal calls, directory assistance, and call duration
  • Monitor system efficiency, least cost routing and VoIP bandwidth utilization
  • Gain instant access to emergency, suspicious or harassing calls
  • Ensure trunks, gateways, ports and devices are operational and in use
  • Track calls for legal and HR purposes
  • Allocate chargebacks to the appropriate entities, departments, and individuals
  • Understand advanced traffic analysis and trunk utilization
  • Alerts

The last Call Accounting solution you’ll ever need

It doesn’t matter what switch or providers you use now or in the future. Our switch-agnostic call accounting solution works with Cisco, Avaya, Unify, Skype – you name it – so we can easily change and grow with you. We don’t charge extra for changes unless you need additional or custom data collectors.

Comview pioneered cloud-based call accounting nearly two decades ago, and we still have customers that have been with us since the beginning. Let us convince you to be a customer for life too.

Comview Call Accounting offers you:

Real Control & Savings
Comview Does Everything for You
Comview's Assurance