IT Asset Management Software Provides Real-Time Inventory Intelligence

Featuring an intuitive interface that is easy to use, Comview’s IT Asset Management module keeps tabs on all your IT software and hardware assets in real-time.

Do you really know what assets you own at a given moment in time?

It all starts with knowing exactly what you have at any moment in time. A comprehensive, accurate technology inventory is at the very foundation of corporate policies such as cost containment, vendor and product standardization, license compliance, and risk management.

Gain greater visibility across all your IT, Telecom and Mobility assets.

Comview’s Asset Management is a comprehensive, integrated solution, that saves you both money and time, provides valuable information and keeps track of your entire IT software and hardware inventory. Know your complete inventory of IT assets in real-time. You’ll enhance your planning for refreshes, stay on top of warranty expirations, forecast future expenditures with greater accuracy and assure that your assets don’t walk off.

Comview’s IT asset management software includes a suite of modules…

  • Reporting and Business Intelligence
  • Human Resources (HR) Interface
  • General Ledger (GL) Interface
  • Integrates with our Fixed/Mobile Telecom Management and Call Accounting modules.

Comview is rated highest for overall customer satisfaction for Telecom Expense Management based on our platform, completeness of offerings, ease of use, knowledgeable staff and superior service.

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