Integrated, Intuitive Wireless Expense Management Software

Comview's Wireless Management platform is a comprehensive, integrated wireless expense management software solution for enterprises. Featuring an intuitive, cloud-based interface that is easy to use, Wireless Management collects usage data from every mobile carrier, every month and merges it into a single, consistent view. Wireless Management works seamlessly with all of our other Telecom Expense Management offerings, including: Invoice Management, Audit and Optimization, Call Accounting, Asset Management, and Procurement as well as integrate with popular Mobile Device Management (MDM) software.

Gain control of your wireless usage and save up to 30%

Mobile costs are out of control. Average monthly usage and overall costs continue to increase with the proliferation of multiple devices including smart phones and the increased use of data applications, as well as ever changing rate plans. Managing the mix of employee-owned BYOD (bring your own device) assets and company-owned devices further complicates matters.

Having the time and proper tools to manage wireless can be a major challenge

Despite being a large and growing component of overall telecom costs, many companies just don’t have the time or resources to effectively manage their wireless telecom. Frequent upgrades, personnel changes and the like, cause companies to lose control over exactly what they have and what they are paying for it. And inefficient spreadsheet-based charge-back systems can take days to generate reports.

Total Talk Wireless to the rescue

You need a wireless telecom expense management solution that is easy to use and manage, yet powerful enough to transform captured information into powerful management decisions. Comview Wireless Management collects usage data from every carrier, every month and merges it into a single, consistent view. Web-based queries let you quickly look up summary and detail information by wireless number, user, department, cost and more. Exception reports pinpoint excessive roaming, long distance, international charges or overage minutes.

With a suite of features including...

Comview Wireless Management gives you the most complete wireless expense management software solution available, day one. Plus, new AirWatch MDM integration, with automatic synchronization and automation tools, lets you manage all users, devices and expenses from a single, cloud-based portal.

With Comview you also get: Direct HR and General Ledger interfaces so that company changes are updated instantly. Monthly Plan Optimization assesses how well your plans fit your usage. Contract compliance audits assure you get all credits and plans for which your company is eligible.

Comview's Wireless Management lets you quickly view everything about mobile devices in one place, and even directly manage AirWatch MDM:
Manage Wirless Expense and Mobile Device Security from One Application

Real control and savings that come from…

  • Ongoing rate plan optimization and implementation
  • Continuous Auditing assures contract compliance
  • Accurate up to date inventory
  • Substantial savings in personnel time spent with spreadsheets and manual systems
  • Fewer personal calls
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Elimination of unused devices

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