Telecom Expense Management Solutions

Total Talk Management - The Most Complete, Fully Integrated TEM/WEM Platform

Comview’s Total Talk Management is the market’s first truly integrated TEM/WEM platform. Compared to legacy Telecom Expense Management platforms where users must look across multiple systems to understand usage, Total Talk Management is a telecom solution that allows users to manage all of their telecom usage and assets from one place.

No more going from system to system

One of your biggest challenges is getting all of your telecom and IT related expenses across all business units, platforms and devices, around the world into one complete, consolidated view that gives you total control to manage costs more effectively. With Comview’s telecom expense management solutions, the wait is over.

Comview gathers and consolidates data from all fixed and mobile telecom invoices and devices, as well as conference services and IT assets, into a single cloud-based, integrated management package -- so you get the complete picture of all your inventory and expenses. No more going from system to system. Invoice Management, Wireless Management, Audit & Optimization, Call Accounting, Asset Management and Procurement are all integrated into a single view.

All Telecom, IT and Mobility applications in one easy-to-use management reporting system

Whether your needs include Telecom Expense Management, Invoice Management, Wireless Management, Audit & Optimization, Call Accounting, Asset Management or Procurement, with Total Talk Management you’re assured each service seamlessly integrates to provide the most comprehensive TEM platform available.

Invoice Management – 7 to 12% of all Telecom charges are in error, with 95% of those errors favoring the vendor. Let our Invoice Management service tip the odds back into your favor.

Wireless Management - All your wireless usage from every carrier, across every device, all in a single view, easy to use, Internet-based management reporting system.

Audit & Optimization – Keep your telecom running at peak efficiency and expenses in check with our Audit & Optimization services.

Call Accounting- All your wireline usage from any extension in a comprehensive, easy to use and maintain, Internet based management reporting system.

Asset Management – Gain greater visibility across all your IT, telecom and mobility assets and know what assets you own at any given moment in time.

Procurement – A single integrated platform for telecom and IT procurement that gives your employees flexibility in choosing what they need, while maintaining consistency and control.

Our integrated telecom managent platform is intuitive and easy to use:

Comview's Integrated Telecom Management Platform lets you manage all telecom usage and assets from one place

  • All employee services
  • All telecom and IT related inventory
  • All usage data from all services
  • All expenses from a single view by employee, department, location, division and more
  • All voice, data and wireless
  • All invoices managed
  • All procurement for IT and telecom
  • Daily updates and unlimited history
  • Powerful business intelligence
  • Generate reports down to the individual employee
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Backed up by our award-winning service

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