Telecom Management White Papers and Research

Be our guest to download these complimentary telecom management related white papers and research reports. You may also want to check out selected telecom management case studies and on-demand webinars for further learning.

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Gartner Research – How to Negotiate and Evaluate Telecom Expense Management Prices, North America
This note provides details on aggregate pricing of telecom expense management as part of a pricing survey conducted in the first quarter of 2017. The survey involved select independent telecom expense management vendors and Gartner end-user inquiries of TEM pricing from contract and pricing reviews between April 2016 and April 2017. This document also details typical items for infrastructure and operations management leaders to consider when evaluating TEM engagements.

Justifying TEM, WEM and MMS Programs (371.29 KB) Developing a Sustainable ROI, Cost Justification and Business Case
This paper focuses on developing a sustainable ROI, cost justification and business case for Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM), and Managed Mobility Services (MMS) programs. Often managers will develop a business justification that focuses solely on “hard dollar” refunds for billing errors, cost savings and Return on Investment (ROI). Programs that rely solely on these items are incomplete. They fail to consider additional benefits that are more difficult to quantify.

Healthcare and Telecom Management: Trends, Drivers and Solutions (602.71 KB) The changing US healthcare landscape poses many challenges for health organizations trying to sustain and prosper. From regulatory changes to declining reimbursements, organizational resources and budgets are strained, creating a renewed focus on cost reduction and process improvement. This report examines the role of fixed and wireless telecom management in achieving those objectives.

Telecommunications Is Strategic (233.51 KB) Executive Sponsors Secure Competitive Advantage for Enterprises
In this paper, TEMIA identifies the roles that executives can play and the value of these roles to telecommunications management programs. It was written for senior executives, and other stakeholders who are involved with telecom, to secure executive involvement in telecommunications in order to ensure better results for deployments of new communications technology, utilization of the telecom infrastructure and competitive advantage for enterprises.

Understanding how Cochran vs. Schwan’s Home Services Impacts BYOD (1.13 MB) On August 12, 2014 the State of California Court of Appeals, ruled in the lawsuit Cochran v. Schwan ‘s Home Services on the question of whether an employer must reimburse employees for required uses of personal devices. The decision attracted controversy and created anxiety regarding its direct bearing on and implications for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.This paper by the analysts as Blue Hill Research breaks down the ruling and its potential impact on Enterprise BYOD.

Creating or Updating Your Mobile Policy (780.22 KB) Most organizations have mobile policies, but mobile technology is changing so rapidly those policies may no longer be appropriate. If you are responsible for mobility, telecommunications this report will provide the information to effectively update your mobile policy.

Who should pay for Mobile services? (1.55 MB) The debate rages as executives look to cut the budget. Who should pay for mobile services? Many operations teams are under siege battling directives that call for cutting the budget. Get the inside story on the debate between corporate liable and employee liable mobility plans. Learn how to defend your current program by hearing the other side of the debate and evaluate if your current plan makes sense.

Tips To Eliminate Common Headaches in Managing Mobile and Fixed Telecom Services (671.01 KB) Managing communications expenses has become more complex. The pressures to reduce costs are greater than ever and a tough economy is only making matters worse. Learn proven ideas with actionable steps to address sourcing, ways to use usage reports to cut expenses, tips for managing Move Add Change, Disconnect, (MACD) activity, mobility costs, international roaming, and much more.

Finding the Right Mix of Mobility Services for Your Organization (684.25 KB) Led by the rapid adoption of mobile phones with enhanced access to corporate data, organizations have been forced to evaluate how best to manage mobility services for their organization by developing programs to effectively deal with policy governance, expense management and security. Identify best practices for finding the right mix of services for your company.

Aberdeen Report: Reducing the Cost of Freedom – Wireless Expense Management (603.55 KB) Companies are seeking reductions in all operational expenses. Wireless expenses present a difficult challenge. This report demonstrates how companies have saved over 30% after implementing a wireless expense management solution.

How to Use Call Accounting in a VoIP Environment (278.52 KB) Voice over IP has delivered benefits to many enterprises: flexible network design, efficient user change management, combined voice and data infrastructure deployment, and cost-effective communications. Comview sponsored this important study with AOTMP.

BlackBerry Concerns Dial up Bigger Issues for Enterprises (179.77 KB) New technology promises a great future, but organizations need to be prepared for what happens when it is necessary to quickly transition from yesterday’s market leaders to tomorrow’s preferred technology. A well structured program that is augmented with resources and technology will help organizations prepare for change beyond BlackBerry.