On-Demand Telecom Management Webinars

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Telecom Provisioning Then and Now:

Improving Processes and Costs with Automation

Provisioning and managing Fixed and Mobile Telecommunications services eat up a lot of organizational time and budget. Learn how different automation processes and technologies can increase accuracy while reducing workload and expenses associated with telecom.

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The Real Value of Telecom Service & Asset Visibility:

Use Cases in Financial Control & Cost Savings

During this 45-minute webinar, we will explore the real business value of a telecom service and asset inventory. Use cases illustrating financial and operational benefits of a telecom inventory will be shared and the results will support your business case for establishing and maintaining a telecom environment inventory.

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Enterprise Mobility Trends From Home to Roam…

Wireless technology has forever changed the way we live and work, but how effectively is your organization dealing with mobility in the workplace? Are you up-to-date on topics like BYOD, roaming, mobile security and wireless plans that can impact you in a big way? Understanding mobility trends like these, and what other enterprises are doing, can make a difference in how you and your organization succeed. Drawing upon the insights and experience of the industry analysts at AOTMP, this on-demand webinar looks at the latest trend in enterprise mobility — at home and abroad — from BYOD management and international roaming to mobile security and more.

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Telecom Management for the Healthcare Industry:

Trends, Drivers and Solutions for a Healthier Bottom Line

Recent and ongoing changes in the US healthcare industry have created a challenging environment for health organizations trying to sustain and prosper. Among other factors, addressing regulatory compliance while dealing with reductions in reimbursement has placed great strain on organizational resources and budgets, and an increased focus on internal cost reduction and process improvement. This session focuses on how improved management of fixed and wireless telecom can yield significant reductions in both expenses and staff time within your healthcare organization, and shares drivers, trends and solutions that could be your prescription for a healthier bottom line.

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How to Integrate MDM with Your Telecom Expense Management Solution

The proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace — including BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) — has created new challenges for organizations when it comes to managing telecom security and expenses. A number of MDM (Mobile Device Management) providers have created great solutions to address the specific challenges. However, that means yet another separate application and sets of reports to manage. Fortunately, there is a simpler way! Deploying a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) portal that seamlessly integrates with MDM can make managing and reporting on ALL of your telecom expenses and assets easier, more efficient and save your organization significant money. Comview has expanded its cloud-based TEM platform to include integrations with leading MDM providers.

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How to Partner with Your TEM Supplier for Maximum Success

Managing and making sense of all your different telecom assets, providers and expenses are just some of the daily challenges that can be alleviated by a good Telecom Expense Management (TEM) portal. But, success depends on more than just great software. The relationship you build with your solution provider — before, during and after implementation — can be the deciding factor in how well your TEM strategies pay off. In this webcast, AOTMP’s Scott Lawrence, and Comview, will show you how a collaborative approach to TEM will ensure that your specific organizational needs are understood and that you can benefit from your provider’s knowledge and experiences for the best ROI. You’ll also hear from a customer who has benefited, first-hand, from such a partnering approach.

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To BYOD or not to BYOD – That is the question

One of the hottest topics in the telecom management space is whether to allow employees to bring their own devices into the workplace. There are many things an enterprise must consider in order to make an educated decision. This webinar will explore trends in the wireless mobility space and the key considerations for employee-liable wireless management.

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Best Practices for Selecting a TEM Supplier

There are many reasons why an enterprise may decide to utilize the services of a TEM supplier. The criteria in which a supplier should be evaluated may not always be clear. This webinar will explore the key considerations into the decision-making process to ensure the enterprise makes the right choice.

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Uncovering the Keys to TEM Reporting Success

Generating impactful TEM reports which can be used by internal stakeholder groups to make key business decisions is critical to overall program success. However, enterprises oftentimes find the reporting process cumbersome and encounter difficulties in getting the information they need. Join us for this webinar to understand the key obstacles that are encountered during the reporting process and how enterprises can overcome them.

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Tips To Eliminate Common Headaches in Managing Mobile and Fixed Telecom Services

Managing communications expenses has become more complex. The pressures to reduce costs are greater than ever and a tough economy is only making matters worse. Learn proven ideas with actionable steps to address sourcing, ways to use usage reports to cut expenses, tips for managing Move Add Change, Disconnect, (MACD) activity, mobility costs, international roaming, and much more.

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Finding the Right Mix of Mobility Services for Your Organization:

Where are you in the Maturity Model for Managing Mobility Services?

Led by the rapid adoption of mobile phones with enhanced access to corporate data, organizations have been forced to evaluate how best to manage mobility services for their organization by developing programs to effectively deal with policy governance, expense management, and security. Identify best practices for finding the right mix of services for your company.