Re-thinking the Telecom Budget Process

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Re-Thinking the Telecom Budget Process

How does your organization approach the telecom budget?

Many organizations operate on a fiscal calendar. So, as we move to the end of the year, it’s natural to think about budgets. Every year it seems that executives expect that IT and telecom can do more with a smaller telecom budget. Ongoing Telecom Expense Management (TEM) programs are critical to drive savings and reduce costs. Below are some ideas to think more strategically about the budget.

Get a 360° view of the organization

What is the telecom team really responsible for delivering to the enterprise? What are your top initiatives?

Verify good alignment with your business units

Business managers often make new demands for capabilities without any consideration for telecom budget limitations. That is why it is important for you [as telecom/mobility managers] to align with the needs and restrictions of your organization’s business units.

Does your telecom budget reflect the effort to support new initiatives?

Telecom managers are often in the position of setting priorities and deciding what needs to be cut, with or without adequate organizational input. It may be time to scrap this approach and replace it with a new governance model. One that puts difficult budget priority decisions in the hands of business unit stakeholders. They will be able to help decide where to make cuts or cost justify additional funds for the budget.

More expenses under management = more savings

Larger organizations often start with limited implementations of TEM programs. Sometimes it’s because some regions or business units were not included in the original scope of work. Sometimes organizations focus on implementing the program solely for voice or just the data network expenses. Mobile and fixed telecom are often managed separately but don’t need to be. The greater the percentage of services managed, the more savings and optimization opportunities you’ll have.

Unify IT/telecom management efforts

Consolidating multiple telecom organizations into unified groups can help provide a more strategic view. Management of telecom expenses can be decentralized. But ideally, they should be unified within one TEM application. This enables the team to work together across different regions.

Enterprises can often find many opportunities for reduction in the telecom budget. However, most organizations with TEM programs already made the easy cuts long ago. Achieving a big transformation requires a holistic change in thinking about the organization. Real progress usually requires new approaches and re-thinking how the organization approached the budget.

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