Factors that Impact Returns from TEM Programs

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Factors impacting returns from TEM programs and maximizing results

The degree that fixed and/or mobile telecom expense management (TEM programs) will produce savings depends on several factors, including:

  • Factors Impacting TEM ProgramsTelecom ContractComplexity – more complex contracts with volume discounts or other multi-faceted provisions are harder to implement and reflect properly on bills.
  • Service providers – some providers have more problems billing enterprises accurately. In addition, when carriers make changes to their billing systems, there is often a period where billing is more likely to contain errors.
  • Move Add Change, and Disconnect (MACD) activity – carriers use different systems to manage MACD requests and billing which need to be reconciled. Billing errors may occur when an item is disconnected, but is delayed in being removed from the invoice. In other cases, disconnected items may never be removed from bills.
  • Quality of historical records – detailed records for billing, MACD activity and contracts are critical to substantiate claims.
  • Enterprise Controls Prior to Implementation – firms that have limited controls over who can place orders for telecom services, limited usage chargeback and poor reporting, will see larger savings as employees gain visibility into costs.

Maximizing results from TEM programs

Enterprises should also work closely with TEM providers to ensure they get the best results when claims are submitted to carriers.

  • First, it is important to determine if the issue needs to be escalated because the initial contact may not have approval authority to resolve the size of the billing claim.
  • Second, managers should ask how the claims will be reviewed. It is critical to understand the process.
  • Third, ask if there is any additional information required to complete the review. Many claims get stuck in a runaround of continual reviews and re-submissions when the required documentation is incomplete.
  • Finally, ask for the timeframes for when the review of the submission will be complete and a refund or credit will be processed.

A partnering approach to telecom management services should focus on long-term solutions that provide the best opportunity to find hard dollar savings while also reducing the time needed to manage these services. Comview takes a partnering approach when working with customers as part of its “Customer for Life” philosophy. For more on how a partnering approach to TEM programs can make a difference to your organization, check out the on-demand webinar “How to Partner with Your TEM Supplier for Maximum Success.”