Benefits of Call Accounting Trunk Analysis

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Trunk Analysis is Vital to Communications Right-sizing

Is There Junk in your Trunk(s)?

Pardon the above pun, but an often-overlooked benefit of a good modern Call Accounting platform is trunk analysis. In other words, it’s the ability to get a comprehensive view of what is happening with your organization’s voice and data trunk utilization. Such visibility can be invaluable when it comes to identifying issues and maintaining proper capacity for your organization’s needs.

Troubleshooting via trunk analysis

Call accounting can monitor overall network health and ensure trunks, gateways, ports, and devices are operational and in use. But it can also help to identify issues when they aren’t.

For example, what happens when marketing runs a successful promotion that leads to a spike in inbound calls and subsequent increase in customers complaining of busy signals? Trunk analysis can reveal if one or more reached their limit during peak times so you can take corrective action like rerouting calls or adjusting capacity.

Capacity planning/right-sizing

Of course, you want to prevent capacity issues as much as possible, but at the same time, you probably don’t have a blank check for unlimited ports or bandwidth. Maybe you want to switch providers or migrate to VoIP but are not sure if it makes sense or how much capacity you truly need.

Call Accounting Trunk analysis can give you the hard facts to make sense of actual trunk usage over any period. This allows you to right-size your telecom to prevent under- and over-trunked situations to minimize unwanted service disruptions or wasted spend on unused capacity.

Call routing analysis

Another benefit is visibility into how calls are routed through your infrastructure, including volume and pattern statistics, so you can detect misrouted traffic, optimize network use and take advantage of cost-saving measures like least cost routing.

These are just a sampling of benefits from trunk reporting. Trunk analysis and reporting is a standard part of Comview’s switch-agnostic PBX/VoIP call accounting software and services.